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Having a magician at a wedding has become the most popular form of entertainment over the years. So look no further as Mark Roberts is a professional wedding magician with over 10 years experience. He is also known as being one of the very best when performing magic at weddings for all ages.

We all know that a Wedding is the most special day of a couples lives. By having a magician perform close up magic or a parlour show it will add an extra dimension to a special day.

As there can be a great deal of time when a number of your guests are waiting around either at the beginning of the reception, during photographs or if there is a gap between the wedding and the wedding meal. Magic provides a perfect ice breaker and will make your wedding even more memorable for all.

By providing a professional service we will ensure that your special day is a magical day.

sAdding Something Special

Are you looking to add something different to your wedding that will stand out and be remembered for years to come?

We specialize in building and creating signature tricks and illusions for your special day. We will take your ideas and with our knowledge and skill we will make your dreams come true.

Planning and Production will have costs but not to worry. We have a special and affordable plan that will work with your budget and our requirements to make your dreams come true.

More details available upon an arranged meeting with our team. Visit the contact page to arrange a meeting.

Or Email info@markroberts-illusionist.uk

Mark Roberts Illusionist
demo video
Demo Video Available
Please Note - Mark does not specialize in children's entertainment and does not perform kids shows. However Mark caters for all a ages as he has a specialized family show when performing for certain wedding events. Plus he does perform a small number of fantastic magic routines/ tricks for kids if needed.
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